The Web is the Platform

We help both developers and users to get the most out of the Web as a software platform.

Who we are

Sebastian Kippe
Co-Founder, CEO

Garret Alfert
Co-Founder, CTO

Greg Karékinian
Infrastructure Developer

These fine people were also involved in building 5apps products:

Marie Schweiz

Gilbert Guttmann
Graphic Designer

Francesco Canessa
Ruby Wizard

Robert Agthe
JS Developer

Martin Stadler
JS Developer

Fabian Fabian
Frontend Architect

Tim Gregg

Oliver Twardowski
Icon Designer

Ed Tewiah
JS Developer

Investors & Advisory Board

Marc Gauw


Michiel Leenaars

NLnet / W3C / ISOC

Harm Rietmeijer


Get in touch

If you're interested in what we do, you can follow us on Twitter, meet us in #5apps and #unhosted on Freenode, or send us a good old email (PGP).

You can also drop by our Berlin office and meet us in person. Just ping us beforehand:

Imprint is built and run by:

Appcache Ltd, Joop Geesinkweg 901, 1114 AB Amsterdam, Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)20 561 6048 · E-Mail: (PGP).